What do people say about our sessions?

“Amazing. Relaxing. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.”

Becky, February 2020

“Brilliant – as someone usually quite sceptical about things like this I was pleasantly surprised.”

Spencer, February 2020

“Feel so much calmer and grounded.”

Adelle, November 2019

“Really enjoyed it, it was fantastic just to do something slowly and to focus on small things.”

Alex, November 2019

“Relaxing, heightened awareness of the senses. Very calm and relaxing and peaceful.”

Maxine, October 2019

“Loved it. I felt as though I interacted and engaged my senses much more deeply. I also loved the group element – I spend a lot of time in nature on my own so a group experience was lovely.”

Jo, October 2019