What happens in a Forest Bathing+ session?

Although every session is unique, here’s a rough outline of what you can expect:

The session will start with a brief introduction to Forest Bathing – what it is, its history, and the science behind it.

We then begin a very gentle walk through the woodland. In total we are likely to cover around 1.5-2.5 kilometres, always at a relaxed pace.

There are frequent stops to do exercises that help us slow down and tune into our senses. The aim is to cover all five senses where possible (though taste can be tricky!). For example, we might sit and listen to the woodland noises, or explore touching the various bark textures of different trees.

We aim to stay silent for most of our time in the forest, but there will be several opportunities to share your experience with the group (if you want to do so).

Throughout the session, you’ll be encouraged to breathe deeply. This is because a significant part of the benefit of Forest Bathing is shown to come from the chemicals produced by trees – if we take deep breaths under the forest canopy we get this natural ‘aromatherapy’ for free!

Towards the end of the session, we find a quiet spot to sit or lay down and use guided relaxation to help us really unwind.

After a group chat to close the session you will be free to make your way home, or to continue enjoying the lovely surroundings on your own.

NB – This outline covers what might be involved in a Forest Bathing+ session as practised by The Forest Bathing Institute. Different organisations and practitioners are likely to have their own way of doing things!